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Wool-deco is the felt made of for the interior decoration of hotels, office buildings, conference rooms, shops, concert halls, theatres, exhibition buildings, museums or schools, and it improves the acoustics too. It can moreover be used in the furniture and packaging industries, and provides wonderful solutions for booth builders. It is a decoration material highly prized by architects and designers.


Wool-deco, a decorative felt with acoustic properties: a whole range of possibilities.


Furniture, various objects, storage rooms, wall panels, upholstery, textile design… Ideal Felt capitalizes on its machinery and know-how to produce Felt-deco, a versatile felt for interior decoration projects.


Its acoustic qualities make Wool-deco an ideal material to be affixed directly onto walls and ceilings, particularly in the hotel industry, theatres, museums and schools, thanks to its flame retardant, insulating and dust- and moisture-repelling properties.


Advantages of Wool-deco


Wool-deco is made from 100% merino wool and is therefore biologically degradable. This decorative felt with superior acoustic properties has many qualities and thus many applications. More specifically:


  • Wool-deco is available in 3 thicknesses: 1.2mm in 250g/m²; 3 mm in 750 g/m² and 5 mm in 1250 g/m²;
  • Wool-deco feels warm and pleasant
  • Wool-deco is suitable as insulation against sound, light, heat and cold
  • Wool-deco is available in a wide range of warm colours, on rolls or cut to size
  • Wool-deco is easy to use: sewing, gluing and cutting without hem or risk of fraying
  • Wool-deco is made from 100% wool and is therefore 100% biologically degradable.

Customized interior decoration and acoustics


Ideal Felt goes a step further with Wool-deco, we offer various customized solutions:


  • Available unique colors (professionally created);
  • Special treatments are possible: water repellent (wine, water, coffee, etc.), fireproof, anti-slip treatment.
  • With unique contours: our automated machinery enables us to cut nearly all contours as per the supplied designs in DXF or PDF format.
  • Available on roll or cut to size.


If you have any questions, you can download the technical datasheet or contact us. Discover our other decorative and acoustic felts: our assortment of customized acoustic panels, ZEN and PES-Deco.


If you are looking for a softer and thinner felt for creative projects such as shelves, billiard or bridge tables, luxury bags, sewing, toys or decoration, then Feltra is the felt fabric you need.


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