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Created in 1992, IDEAL FELT is an SME that works with a great deal of rigor and professionalism. Concretely this means that we go out to our customers at their premises in order to fully understand their needs, we assume responsibility for producing all technical felts and decorative felts with the greatest care and we accurately carry out administrative tasks and the follow-up of orders.



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Our mission


We strive for an optimal quality of products and services. Our product knowledge and flexibility of our organization guarantee an appropriate and cost-conscious solution for the demands of our customers.

We want to be the preferred supplier of felt for technical, decorative and acoustic applications for our customers in Western Europe.





To our customers and suppliers

We believe in a strong partnership with our customers and our suppliers whereby we listen to each other and share knowledge.

As a result, we bring products to the market that help our customers in a sustainable way. Our commitment to optimum quality of our products and services emphasizes our commitment to build and maintain long-term relationships.


To our employees

We offer a fascinating work environment where everyone can make the difference for our customers. Due to the unique mix of a local family business with many international customers, all our employees have a clear and significant impact on customer satisfaction and on our operating results.


To the society and the world that we share

We believe in sustainable entrepreneurship and that means not only continuous improvement of our production processes (more efficiency, less waste) but also the environmentally conscious purchase of sustainable materials (natural wool felt for decoration and technical felt from recycled PET bottles, for example).




 Did you know?


The thistle is closely tied to the production of wool felt, and so its graphical depiction in the company´s logo is by no means an insignificant choice.

“Carding” designates the process of disentangling and cleaning bundles of wool intended for the production of felt. This term is derived from the French word for thistle – “chardon” – since, long ago, this process of refining and transforming wool was done with the aid of these thorny plants. Today, the bundles are placed in drums covered with very fine steel points and which are rotated in order to pull the wool fibers, remove any impurities and create a very fine and homogeneous material that will subsequently be felted.


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