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ZEN 42027 Anthracite
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ZEN: an acoustic solution that looks good too


Employees with concentration problems, complaints about noise nuisance, difficulties understanding the person in front of you... all these are signals that point to a need for an acoustic solution. It is a frequent problem in open work spaces, restaurants, meeting rooms, hotels, etc. Ideal Felt has a ready-made answer in the form of ZEN: an acoustic solution that looks good too.


An acoustic solution that fits in your interior


An acoustic solution is fine, but it should also fit harmoniously in with the interior. Ideal Felt is innovating with ZEN, wool felt panels with unrivalled absorption capacities – in vivid and warm colours and in a contemporary design.


ZEN: the acoustic solution that looks good


A successful design is essential for your projects. Ideal Felt developed ZEN on this premise. Colours, patterns and even dimensions – nothing was left to chance.



colored felt panels




Warm or cold. Discrete or striking. The colour pallet knows no limits.


In a pattern of your choice


ZEN is available in 5 different patterns, every one of them designed to fit harmoniously in with the interior. An aluminium frame for a refined look is also possible.

Vlak – 4 squares – 9 squares – lined –waved




We provide acoustic solutions for walls and ceilings in various sizes. Adapted sizes are possible for large volumes.


Wall panels:

604 x 604 x 32 mm 1.0 (kg)
604 x 604 x 47 mm 1.4 (kg)
1204 x 604 x 32 mm 2.0 (kg)
1204 x 604 x 47 mm 2.7 (kg)

Ceiling panels:

604 x 604 x 32 mm 1.0 (kg)
604 x 604 x 47 mm 1.4 (kg)
1204 x 604 x 32 mm 2.0 (kg)
1204 x 604 x 47 mm 2.7 (kg)

Ceiling banner:

604 x 604 x 32 mm 1.0 (kg)
604 x 604 x 47 mm 1.4 (kg)
1204 x 604 x 32 mm 2.0 (kg)
1204 x 604 x 47 mm 2.7 (kg)




The acoustic panels from Ideal Felt are available in two thicknesses as well: 32 mm, 47 mm. That is ideal for reaching an acoustic value between 100 and 4000 Hz in a room, i.e. the frequency range of the human voice.


Ideal Felt knows exactly how many ZEN panels are needed to solve an acoustic problem. The size of the room and the materials used play a role in the calculation. Please contact us.


Advantages of Zen


Apart from their beautiful design, our ZEN felt panels constitute an acoustic solution with numerous advantages:


  • Acoustic performance: ZEN improves the acoustics considerably by absorbing excessive noise, thereby creating a quiet, pleasant atmosphere, which is also beneficial for the work. Several panels are of course required;
  • OEKO-TEX 100 label for air pollution: ZEN filters formaldehyde from the air, the most significant polluter in covered spaces;
  • Easy to install: ZEN can be mounted against the wall or the ceiling using hooks or magnets;
  • Fire protection; according to DIN EN 13 501.


If you have any questions about our ZEN acoustic solution or would like a quote, you can contact us without any obligation.


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