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Felt: the ideal acoustic and decorative solution


Open work spaces are ideal for making the most of a modern infrastructure and for stimulating communication… but they can also be very noisy. A combination of metal, concrete, glass or tiles with low sound absorption properties in particular create a resonance effect or noise with all the problems that entails.


Acoustic insulation for a better work environment


Noise has a major impact on productivity: people find it difficult to work in a noisy environment. Concentration can drop by as much as 71%. Absolute silence is not desirable either, as the slightest noise is then amplified. An ideal work environment strikes an optimal balance between sound and silence. Good acoustics depends on different factors such as the reverberation time and how the space is used.


Ever thought of using felt as acoustic insulation?


The acoustic felts of Ideal Felt are made from materials with excellent sound-insulating properties. They reduce not only noise but also pollutants in the room. They are therefore ideal for a restaurant, noisy offices or your home. Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours, our acoustic felt will meet the artistic and aesthetic requirements of your project, whether you opt for a standard or a bespoke solution.


Ideal Felt: customized acoustic solutions


Cladding for walls and ceilings: Wool-Deco and PES-Deco


Wall cladding in wool felt and polyester felt from Ideal Felt combines acoustic insulation and decoration in customised solutions:


  • Polyester felt in 20 colours and wool felt in more than 50 colours;
  • in 3 or 5 mm;
  • Mounting on walls and ceilings, with or without an adhesive layer;
  • On rolls or pieces cut to size with one hundredth of a millimetre precision;
  • Cut to size: we use our machinery to cut these non-woven fabrics in all possible shapes without fraying them, based on a PDF or DXF plan.


For more information, go to the Wool-Deco and PES-Deco pages.


ZEN acoustic panels

The ZEN acoustic panels from Ideal Felt provide a standard solution to every acoustic problem. The wall and ceiling panels are available in standard sizes, 11 colours and 5 different patterns. They are easy to mount with their hooks or magnets.

For more information, go to the ZEN page .


Customized acoustic panels

The acoustic panels from Ideal Felt can be customized fully in accordance with your wishes and requirements in terms of size and felt of your choice: Wool-Deco, PES-Deco or Feltra. Ideal Felt moreover makes its customized acoustic panels from ecological recycled polyester fibres.
For more information, go to the customized acoustic panel pages, Customized acoustic panels,  Wool-Deco, PES-Deco or Feltra .


Ideal Felt: a personal approach


Ideal Felt offers a wide range of solutions: Colours, cuts, sewing work, embroidery, laminating… We are at your entire disposal for every custom request, including specific production, complete installations…


Discover what we can do for you and your projects. If you have any questions about acoustic solutions with felt or would like a quote for an acoustic solution, please do not hesitate to contact us, without any obligation.


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