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Ideal Felt: customized acoustic felt panels

Made from compressed recyclable polyester fibres, the customized acoustic felt panels provide very efficient sound insulations. Thanks to the flexible composition of the panels, the sound is absorbed at different frequencies, even with a thin 12 mm layer, whereas other acoustic materials are generally far thicker.

The fibre mix moreover confers a very characteristic appearance, so your acoustic panels are not only efficient but also stylish.

Customized acoustic panels with a personal touch


Our modern production facilities enable us to make acoustic felt panels on the basis of your designs, in DXF or PDF format, and the desired size. In addition to a very high cutting precision, this technology can also be used to make engravings or inscriptions, so you can get a unique acoustic panel in a colour of your choice.

We can also cover your acoustic felt panels with our range of Wool-Deco, PES-Deco or Feltra, to combine the best of two worlds: the acoustic performance of polyester and the fine design of PES or Feltra wool felt.


The acoustic felt panels can be mounted in different ways, using nails, screws, liquid or non-liquid glue or double-sided adhesive strips. Furthermore, major external service providers offer other mounting options for walls and ceilings.


How acoustic felt panels work?

The sound penetrates through the surface and propagates in the panels. The friction with the fibres turns the sound waves into heat waves (porous absorption) and kinetic energy (resonance absorption) to far greater effect than in common materials because the fibres are highly compressed. Sound is absorbed even more efficiently thanks to the underlying acoustic structure.





Customized acoustic felt panels have all sorts of advantages:


  • Very good sound absorption in spite of the low frequency range;
  • Flexible and sustainable material with endless design options;
  • Light weight;
  • Can be used as a composite material;
  • Water repellent, oil repellent and antibacterial;
  • Odourless, with a low emission of substances or odours stemming from the wall cladding and ceilings;
  • Flame retardant: B, S2 D0 (low flammability) according to DIN EN 13501-1 with a wall clearance of 80 mm.




Slim acoustic panels-12mm:

Gross dimensions: 2070 x 3070 mm;
Colors: white, light gray, marble, silver gray, basalt gray, anthracite;
Material: 100% polyester;
Weight: 2000 g / m2;
Thickness: 12 mm.

Strong & solid acoustic panels-25mm:

Gross dimensions: 2070 x 3070 mm;
Colors: white, light gray, silver gray, anthracite, opal black;
Material: 100% polyester;
Weight:  4000 g / m2;
Thickness: 25 mm.

High volume acoustic panels-40mm:

Gross dimensions: 2070 x 3070 mm;
Colors: white, gray, anthracite, opal black;
Material: 100% polyester;
Weight: 4000 g /m2;
Thickness:  40 mm.

If you have any questions about our customised acoustic felt panels or would like a quotation, you can contact us without any obligation.


Discover our other acoustic solutions: our ZENWool-Deco and PES-Deco range.


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