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Technical wool felt: a wide range of applications


Absorption felt, lubrication felt, waterproof felt, protection felt, polishing felt, insulation felt,… The technical applications of felt are legion! Made from sheep’s wool, wool felt is sustainable, renewable and biologically degradable. All these properties make it an important felt especially at Ideal Felt.


What is wool felt?


Wool is prized for its fine, elastic hairs and is considered a material of superior quality. The fibres can be used to produce wool felt, a non-woven, sturdy and extraordinarily versatile fabric, in off white or grey shades, with many advantages and applications.


Ideal Felt moreover guarantees that its technical wool felts are produced in accordance with DIN 61200 (density guarantee) and DIN 61206 (thickness guarantee).


Advantages of wool felt


Despite constant innovations, there is still no material available to rival wool felt, which is teeming with winning assets for numerous applications such as:


  • Absorption felt: wool felt has a high absorbing capacity (up to five times its fibre weight) of water, hydrocarbons, nearly solid fats and nearly volatile liquids;
  • Lubrication felt and cleaning felt: wool felt can return liquids, lubricants and other fats on a regular, sustainable and controlled basis, and is therefore inert for most acids and organic solvents
  • Sealing felt: wool felt is highly compressible with exceptional resilience. It is therefore suitable for assembling, rotating, rubbing and abrasive elements for sealing purposes
  • Insulation felt: thanks to the thermal and acoustic insulation properties of wool felt;
  • Polishing felt, insulation felt or protection felt: wool felt is distinguished by its mechanical resistance to friction and wear as well as its remarkable long lifecycle. It moreover has a shape memory and self-extinguishing, fire-resistant, antistatic, anti-dust and UV resistant properties.
  • Decoration and design felt: wool felt moreover comes in highly saturated and sustainable colours, even when exposed to light. What is more, thanks to its thickness and density, wool felt can be used for suspended installations without extra support.


Wool felt is also very easy to use and can be cut in all possible shapes, without hem or risk of fraying.


Wool felt from Ideal Felt


As a professional supplier of felt for industry, Ideal Felt provides wool felt cut to measure:


  • With various thicknesses, from very soft to very rigid; from 0.18 g/cm³ to 0.80 g/cm³
  • in different thicknesses: from 1 to 80 mm
  • treated according to the stipulated specifications: carbonized or non-carbonized, coloured in the mass, antibacterial, flame retardant, coloured, antistatic, with a self-adhesive or adhesive layer;
  • in different widths and lengths, on rolls, sheets, or cut to measure;
  • in different forms: filter bags and sleeves, with a density of e.g. 250 to 600 g/dm³;


In brief: we adapt our wool felt entirely to the needs of our customers.


If you have any questions about wool felt or our company, or if you want a quote for wool felt, you can contact us without any obligation.


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