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Felt for dry filtration


Industrial companies have to invest in filter installations. Processes often create dust, and dust should not spread in the ambient air. Ideal Felt is a sound value in this sector too. We supply felt for dry filtration to cement and asphalt companies, cereal, feed and woodworking companies and incinerators.


Felt for dry filtration for every sector


Every installation and every work environment is different. We study the different options and then choose, together with the customer, the best type of felt in the right form for the dry filtration required.

Various parameters have to be taken into account for the felt for dry filtration:


  • Dust particles: size, composition and concentration;
  • Carrier gas: – ambient air or gas: temperature, humidity and composition;
  • Dry filter installation: filter surface and number of elements, output, shape of the bags.


In addition to the most important parameters, there are various possibilities for determining the ideal felt for dry filtration:


  • Felt in various fibres and grammage: acrylic, PE, Nomex, glass, ceramic, recycled fibres;
  • With a treatment of your choice: water repellent, oil repellent, flamed (singed) or satinized (softer and denser surface by means of lamination) on one or both sides, covered with a PTFE membrane, antistatic, spark resistant;
  • In various forms: bags, sleeves, cloths, circular or rectangular, open or closed on the top or the side, reinforced with rings or chains, edges reinforced with a cord, with circlips, depending on the model.


If you have any questions about our felt for dry filtration or if you would like a quotation, you can contact us without any obligation.

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